Cuba Health Care Research Trip 2010

Vinales Panorama

A group of North American medical professional's experience studying the Cuban medical system.

Photo Gallery: Havana Street Scenes

Rainy morning in Havana.

Rainy morning in Havana.

Morning looking across the channel (inlet to Havana Harbor).

Morning across the channel.

View in the same direction from the roof of the Hotel Ambos Mundos, the former home of Earnest Hemmingway and birthplace of mohitos:

Across the Havana rooftops.

Plaza Catedral at night time - open air restaurant.

Havana's Plaza Catedral at night.

Walking to the Plaza Viejo at night. We felt absolutely safe walking around Havana at night.

Walking to Havana's Plaza Viejo at night.

We stayed at a nice small hotel:

Hotel porch in Havana.

Avenida de las Presidentes, The boulevard in front of our hotel:

The street in front of our hotel in Havana

Evening along the Malecon - the seawall which is "Havana's Couch" - where the city walks, talks, sits, and hangs out.

Evening, looking across the bay at the old fort.

Or, turning the other direction and looking towards the West:

Malecon Sunset