Cuba Health Care Research Trip 2010

Vinales Panorama

A group of North American medical professional's experience studying the Cuban medical system.

Photo Gallery: Art and antiquity on Havana streets

Along an artist alleyway: 

Artist's Alleyway, Havana

Same alleyway:

Artist's alleyway, Havana

Art is also found in the old pre-revolution American cars seen everywhere in Cuba - some in amazingly good shape:

Old red Plymouth in artist alleyway, Havana

Proud owner of an old car, Havana: 

Proud car ownder, Havana 

At the old pharmacy down the street from the Hotel Ambos Mundos, century-old prescriptions and apothecary jars (and a skeleton!) are on display. 

Old pharmacy, Havana

"The history of pharmacy through prescriptions" display. 

"The history of pharmacy through prescriptions" display.