Cuba Health Care Research Trip 2010

Vinales Panorama

A group of North American medical professional's experience studying the Cuban medical system.

Havana: A day in the life.

Street-sweeper at work early in the morning:

Streetsweeper at work early ijn the morning.

Che is "presente" throughout Cuba:

Che always "presente".

Delivering cabbage and eggplant to the market:

Cabbage delivery

Che is never far away from the Cuban psyche.

Che on govenrment building.

Taking it easy after school with Shrek shoes:

Boy on fencepost.

In many Latin American countries a dog wearing a shirt apparently lets people know it has an owner and is not a stray. I personally think that this dog is simply waiting for his pants to dry...

Dog waiting for his pants to dry.

Amazingly, the original Cuban Capitol Building was modeled after the U.S. Capitol.

El Capitolio.

We attended services at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Havana.

Ebenezer Baptist Church, Havana.