Cuba Health Care Research Trip 2010

Vinales Panorama

A group of North American medical professional's experience studying the Cuban medical system.

Photo Gallery: Pinar del Rio

Pinar del Rio is a rural province about three hours west of Havana. It is lush and beautiful - as can be seen by the panorama above. This area, called Viñales, is a World Heritage Site because of the rock formations - called mogotes - seen in very few places in the world.

  View of Vinales from hilltop.

This area is home to rich and fertile soil where the world's best tobacco is grown - using technology that has not changed much over the years and which is consistent with Cuba's lack of energy resources:

Plowing the tobacco field with ox-power.

Rural front yard in Pinar del Rio:

Rural yard in Pinar del Rio

Transportation is often by horse and buggy: This young man was tired and didn't want his photo taken (his father gave permission):

Sleepy boy on buggy.

Poor farm family - reminiscent of the American early 20th Century - except that they have food and healthcare here.

Rural family home

Saturday evening in a little own on the north coast of Pinar del Rio province. A very lively place with everyone out and about!

Evening street scene.

Sunday morning in Viñales - bicycles, horse-and-buggy, walking, and a few cars - very lively little town! Europeans, unlike Americans, are not restricted by their governments from travel to Cuba (and why would they be?). Viñales is a travel destination for many who come to bicycle, hike, or explore the caves in the mogotes.